Heritage Quest Online

Welcome to the Heritage Quest Online resource offered to the Fox Lake Public Library and other Wisconsin Public Libraries by BadgerLink.  BadgerLink is Wisconsin’s online library and you are welcome to access any of the databases by clicking on BadgerLink on the Fox Lake Public Library home page.

Heritage Quest contains over 25,000 family and local history books, the entire US Federal Census, PERSI (Periodical Source Index), Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty Land Warrant Application files, and other genealogical collections.  Heritage Quest Online packs an intuitive interface and fast downloads at full-screen with crisp census images.  It also will let you send a document to your email address or save the pages on your home computer if you are working from home.

Heritage Quest offers advanced search options such as state, county, age, and birthplace. It has been found that census indexes prepared by Heritage Quest are much more accurate than the common AIS indexes.  Census records offered are 1790 – 1940 and it is interesting that the 1900 Census is the only available census which identifies the exact month and year of each individual.  It is the only census to record the number of years a couple was married and the number of children born to the mother as well as the number of those children still living.  It is also the first census to identify the year of immigration of foreign-born individuals.

Join with thousands of Americans today and start looking up your relatives.  Genealogy is the number one hobby in the USA today and anyone with a valid Library Card from a Wisconsin Public Library can access for FREE Heritage Quest Online.  The first time you log in you will probably be greeted by the word WHOOPS! This message only indicates that you have not logged in before.  Simply click on the button below marked “Wisconsin Residents”.  Log in with your library card or school login to gain access to Heritage Quest Online.

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